Dedicated to preparing your children for a bright future
Supporting Every Child
There is nothing more precious than your children.
At the Puzzle Place we take the care and learning of the children seriously. We strive to provide all children served with a clean, safe, comfortable environment where they can grow, play and learn with guidance, loving care, and support.
We set our selves apart by offering an inclusive environment for all children. Puzzle Place offers lower teacher to child ratio by providing paraprofessionals in the classrooms to ensure every child's needs are being met. 
Infant Rooms

Our infant rooms are dedicated to providing an environment that is nurturing and soothing, as well as providing stimulating activities. Infants are curious explorers. With this environment the infants are able to discover and learn safely with the loving care and support from teachers.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room is dedicated to providing an environment that is nurturing and supportive. Toddlers are enthusiastic learners and we strive to foster their passion to learn and grow. The teachers will support and guide the children as they explore new discoveries and become more independent.

Preschool Room

Our preschool room is dedicated to providing an environment that continue to nurture and support each child as well as introduce more structured learning. The focused learning will consist of letter, color, number recognition and attending skills. This room will also start to teach the social and emotional skills needed to build self-awareness, social awareness, decision-making and relationship skills. The teachers will continue to provide the loving guidance and support as the children learn and grow.

Kindergarten Readiness Room

Our kindergarten readiness room is dedicated to providing an environment that will prepare the children for kindergarten. The structured learning will continue in this room and provide an education focus on reading readiness, writing, math readiness, creative art, verbal skills, listening skills, etc. along with expanding on the social and emotional skills. Transitions can be a stressful time. The teachers are dedicated to making the transition to kindergarten easier on each child as well as parents.